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Hurricane Skull Set | Crypotikimugs 2019 by Dirk Behlau-1206.jpg



Fueled by a passion for tiki cocktails and the outlandish vessels that originally held them, we’ve committed ourselves to putting these wild things back in your hands. Some of the early tropical cocktail mugs were simple with basic tiki and tropical themes. Bamboo mugs, simplified tikis, and hula girls were common. But this was a time when kustom cars had bars, bubble tops, turntables, and telephones. Some inspired artists and entrepreneurs embraced the dangerous and exotic in their mug designs. These are the mugs we’re after. 

Often known only from early cocktail menus, the chances of finding one of these mugs in the wild is likened to that of catching Bigfoot or Nessie on film. The lounges have closed and most of the buildings have been razed. Some mugs have been found but many remain undiscovered and are known only from vintage photos or menu art. When originals occasionally surface the prices are out of reach for your average ladies and gentlemen of leisure. With limited funds and even less patience, we decided to recreate our favorite Crypto Cocktail Mugs. This project is dedicated to the contributors of Crypto-Mug research on Tiki Central. Find out more


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