El Bombardon

Cocktail Mug:
El Bombardon/La Bombardinita

El Panama Hilton

Menu description:
El Bombardon – “If this explosive makes you instantly speak Spanish – we will bestow you a degree. The Pilon with its load of candied sugar will try to silence this missile made of dry Vermouth, Sherry and Powerful Pernod.” La Bombardinita – “This brew will be served to milady only with her escorts approval.”

This is a little outside of Polynesian Pop, but its amazing anyhow. His and hers cocktails served in a canon were too much for us to resist. Comes with cannonballs and rammer swizzle as shown. This cocktail reminds me of the drink, Explodo Bombarino, referenced in the movie ‘On the Town’ with Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra.

Available for preorder approx. January 2019.
If you are interested to order please contact us.


Additional photos take from the tiki central forum courtesy of their owners