Cocktail Bowl:
Cannibal Bowl

Cannibal Room Cocktail Lounge at Ren Clark’s Polynesian Village
Fort Worth, Texas

Menu description:
“For four or more hearty souls- should use Rum on this one but Scotch or Bourbon brings the same effect.”

Ren Clark’s Polynesian Village exploded on the scene in 1960 with some of the wildest mugs and cocktails ever created. The Severed Head mug was used for the Headhunter Special cocktail and is the most coveted mug from this joint. It has already been discovered in the wild and tribute mugs have been made so you won’t find it here. The Cannibal Bowl has never been found and is a grail for many collectors. We’re not waiting around for this one to show up some day so we’re making our own.

Available for preorder approx. January 2019.
If you are interested to order please contact us.


Additional photos take from the tiki central forum courtesy of their owners