Hurricane Skull Set | Crypotikimugs 2019 by Dirk Behlau-1207.jpg

Cocktail Mug:
Hurricane Skull Mug

The Hurricane
San Francisco, California

Menu description:
It’s not exactly clear what drink was served in this mug. There are a few that are good guesses based on the name alone: the Merciless Virgin, Tropical Lei, and Passion Cocktail are all candidates. Since the Merciless Virgin is served in a pineapple, my vote is for the Passion Cocktail with the menu description; “You be the Judge.” 

I lost my s#!t when I first saw this mug. It has sex, death, and booze all wrapped up in one hand-held treasure. It’s been documented in an old newspaper photo taken at The Hurricane, and also in recent photos of two original mugs by one of the owner’s descendants on Tiki Central. Sure, another original might show up some day, but as mentioned earlier, we’re incredibly impatient so we’re recreating this gem. Comes in three hair colors named for classic cuties: Bunny Blonde, Bettie Black, and Tempest Ginger!

Available for preorder approx. June 2019.
If you are interested to order please contact us.