Tonga Lei Pig Bowl

Cocktail Bowl:
Tonga Lei Pig Bowl

Tonga Lei
Malibu, California

Menu description:
“Beautiful Flower” and a Beautiful Treat for Four

In the Tonga Lei menu, this cocktail is simply called the “Tonga Lei.” They must have been pretty proud of it considering it’s the namesake cocktail. And they must also have had great pride in the bowl it was served in. Three pigs encircle the bowl, appearing as if they’re trying to climb in and turn this into a drink for seven. Even if you don’t care about the Tonga Lei or Southern California Tiki history, this bowl is cool just for the pigs alone! To date, no photos of this bowl have surfaced and the only reference is the artist rendering in the menu.

Available for preorder approx. January 2019.
If you are interested to order please contact us.


Additional photos take from the tiki central forum courtesy of their owners